What To Look Into An Arizona Tax Relief Attorney

If you’re considering an Arizona tax relief attorney,you probably have a lot to think about,both about what you’ll need and what the attorney will do for you. While you definitely want an attorney who practices exclusively in Arizona state court,it’s important to realize that there are some federal tax laws that apply to people living in other states as well. In fact,the Internal Revenue Service recognizes more than 50 states as having resident alien populations. So even if you are not currently practicing law in Arizona,you may want to look into an Arizona tax relief attorney because the Feds may be after you!

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Your Arizona tax relief attorney may: Consider your tax bill. While you and your accountant can come up with an amicable settlement,it might not be in the best interests of the IRS to reduce your liability for back taxes. Review your entire financial situation to help figure out just how much you are able to pay the IRS in a single lump-sum payment or in smaller monthly installments. Your attorney can then go over your payment agreement with the IRS and recommend an acceptable solution to your tax liability. If your credit score is good,your attorney might even be able to get you a refund for the back taxes you owe!

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Your attorney topic may also: Prepare a worksheet showing all of your income and expenses and include any retirement contributions. He or she can talk to you about the potential penalty for early discharge of your Arizona tax relief. If you’ve been a long time resident of the state,it’s always helpful to know exactly what your assets are located in Arizona and exactly how those assets will be taxed when you’re ready to take them out in preparation for retirement.


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