How to Wash Clothes in a Washing Machine

Rather than buying new clothes every time you are out of clean ones, it is wise to learn how to wash your clothes. Learning how to wash clothes is an important basic skill which prevents from being addicted to the rut of buying new clothes when you do not have clean clothes. Using a washing machine is a simple process that requires determination and takes less of your time but the results are astonishing. This article will walk you through the simple steps you need to follow to wash your clothes effectively.

Sorting out clothes

Clothes are made from different fabrics and colors. Separate dark and light-colored clothes. Also, if you have new clothes wash them separately as these clothes tend to breed more than old clothes. If you do not separate and pile your clothes according to colors, the colored clothes might dye the white clothes.

Also, separate your clothes according to the fabric. Pile your clothes according to the fabric they are made of. It is important to separate clothes because machines with heavy fabric require heavy cycle washing. For clothes that have light fabric, it is recommended that you wash them in the delicate cycle.

Reading care labels on your clothes

Each cloth is designed with a tag that is not meant to rub and irritate the skin but it is meant to help you wash your clothes. If you are not sure of how to wash your clothes, just read the instructions on the tag. The instructions on the tag will guide you if to machine or hand wash the cloth. Depending on the fabric, the tag will guide you on how to machine wash the clothes.

Choosing ideal water temperature

Washing machines are engineered in a way that you can easily choose the ideal water temperature for your clothes. The temperature to use is dictated by the fabric and the color of your clothes. For light or bright colored clothes, choose hot water as it will help to clean effectively and scald all the stubborn stains. For dark clothes use cold water as cold water reduces the amount of dye that breeds from your clothes which ensures your clothes do not fade. For clothes that have cotton fabric, use cold water as it will help to prevent them from shrinking.

Selecting the load size

Most common washing machines are designed with a knob that allows you to select the size of the load. The knob allows you to select small, medium, or either large depending on the load of your clothes. If your clothes fill the machine, choose the large load option. If the clothes fill two-thirds of the machine, select the medium option and if the machine is a third filled, select the small load option. It is wide to never fill your machine forcefully as it may cause jamming or damage the machine.

Selecting the washing cycle

Like in temperature, different types of clothes are washed under different cycles. For white or bright clothes, select a normal or regular cycle that will leave your clothes fresh, clean, and brighter.

If you are washing colored clothes, select the permanent press which washes the clothes with warm water and rinses with cold water therefore keeping your clothes bright.

If you are washing clothes with cotton fabric, bras, dress shirts, and fit wear select the delicate cycle. Read the tag on these delicate clothes to ensure that they do not need to hand or dry cleaned.

Add the washing fluid

Washing fluids are bleaches, fabric softeners, and detergents. You can opt to add the detergent on your clothes or fill one-third of the machine with water and then ass the washing liquid.

The amount of detergent to use is dictated by your load size. Use the lid of the detergent to help you use the right amount. Read the instructions for you to know how to use the detergent. Some detergents are more concentrated therefore you only need a small amount.

Add chlorine bleach to white clothes if you want to get rid of stubborn stains or you want them whiter. If you have colored fabrics, add fabric bleach which can be used on all colored fabrics.

Fabric softener should be added when rinsing. Some machines are designed with a dispenser where you can add the softener and the machine automatically adds it to your clothes during the rinse cycle.

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Move the clothes to the drier

Check the tag for instructions and select the clothes that need to be air-dried and those that need to be tossed in the dryer. The fabric and color of the clothes will dictate the cycle to choose. For white clothes choose a heavy or regular while for colored clothes select the permanent cycle. Clothes that were washed under the delicate cycle should also be dried under the delicate cycle.

Washing clothes helps you to get rid of microorganisms that can cause deadly skin infections. Wearing dirty clothes causes body odor which lowers the self-esteem. The above steps will make your washing process easy and fun.

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